Carnations are just everyone’s favourite. Did you know that they are the January birth flower?

Well now you do which also means that you can always gift the bouquet of carnations to someone who has their birthday in the month of January. Takes some weight off your shoulders? We are about to make it a whole lot easier for you with our list of breathtaking bouquets. Get a cake delivery in Delhi and we will make sure that it gets to its destination uninterrupted and on time. 

Let us talk about carnations first: 

Whenever we talk about carnations a Christian legend comes up to our mind, the carnations were said to spring up when mother Mary cried for Jesus Christ as she could not see the pain of her child who was carrying the cross. 

These carnations are the perfect symbols for the mothers undying love. 

Here. Is the, meaning of the colours that they come.  

Carnations generally mean mothers undying love and fascination but these colours will unveil the flowering world and their occasion to you. 




These pink carnations are known for their symbol as mothers undying love and are used on Mother’s Day to show appreciation and respect towards the mother. 


Well, as we know the fiery red has always stood for the passion and the love that is there is a person but here the fiery red also stands for a woman’s love the deep affection you have towards another person. This is the colour you should go for if you don’t have roses. 


These light red carnations cannot substitute the feelings shown by the rose but these carnations are perfect if you want to show some admiration towards another person. 


Well, who can forget the colour that is known for its purity, innocence and serenity? This colour is perfect when it comes to express pure love towards a person or when you want to say “get well soon” 


Here again, we have the history of jealousy and infidelity associated with this colour but in the contemporary scenario, we all must see how the colour yellow is known for the brightness that it brings with it. However, these yellow carnations to this convey the message of disappointment. 




These flowers stood for the refusal to one’s proposal. Although they are undeniably beautiful but they stand for saying “no” to a lover’s affection. 




These carnations are said to symbolize capriciousness. They are just beautiful. 


These carnations are used pm Saint Patrick’s Day. 


Now we have gone through with the different colours and what each colour is taking about ley us view the amazing bouquets as well. If you are thinking of giving pink carnations to your boyfriend thinking that it Is a symbol of love then you are wrong and it is a vey bad idea. 


These red carnations are perfect these valentines. Why not surprise your lover through this?

They will not be able to resist these beautiful carnations with irresistible smell and I’m sure it will last for months at their place.




Gift these carnations this Mother’s Day and remind her that you appreciate her and love her. These are perfect for the time when someone you know has just become a mother.  They are the perfect representers of mother’s love and the burdens she bears for us. 

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Although yellow has always been the colour to symbolize jealousy and regret but don’t we all love breaking the rules sometimes? 

Forget yellow in a bad sense and use it convey the positive messages that you are thinking of, these are just perfect for you to convey the message of happiness which is depicted by yellow and the message of admiration which can be shown by the light red roses. 



The serenity, purity and the innocence projected by the colour white can hardly be matched by any other colours. 

Remind someone today that you purely love them and will stick by their side as always with this Goodluck white carnation bouquet,



These carnations are perfect for you to express if someone forgot the anniversary, what way is better than reminding a person with yellow carnations? 

Or you can always wish someone health prosperity and hope with the wonder bouquet of yellow carnations. They will stop and smell these wonderful carnations because they are just irresistible. 


Don’t let these carnations go alone, always gift a box of chocolates, teddy bear or some delicious fruits to brighten up their days. 

If they have any personal blossoms in their mind then make sure you make a list of them and get a customized bouquet from us because we make sure that we are delivering fresh bouquets to you and you can always opt for a flower delivery at midnight.