After a traffic accident: calling the police is not always mandatory!

“Basically, in a traffic accident you are not obliged to call the police,” says attorney and spokesman for the lawyer information. If everyone involved in the accident agrees, the police do not need to be called in. But it is often advisable.

The officers, on the other hand, have to be alerted if there are serious injuries or even deaths in an accident. Then it is usually not possible for those involved to make the necessary determinations, especially when it comes to the course of the accident and the question of responsibility. If the injuries are only minor, the injured can decide whether to call in the police.

“The important thing is: If one of those involved in the accident wants to call the police, he can do so in any case,” says the spokesman. This also applies if it was just sheet metal damage. The other participants would then have to wait until the officers are there. Whether you have to call in the police about an accident or just call the officers to be on the safe side – you don’t have to pay for the operation.

If one of the parties involved in the accident is not present, for example when a so-called parking bump is present, the police must also be called. The person attempting the accident must first wait a reasonable amount of time for the other person involved and then contact the police.

After a traffic accident, you have to call the police if:

  • there are dead or injured,
  • one of the parties involved so wishes or
  • one of the parties involved is not present at the accident.


If there has been a crash, you need good advice.

After an accident, the nerves are often on edge. It can quickly happen that you get caught up in contradicting statements and unintentionally make incorrect assignments of guilt. You’d better refer your traffic attorney straight away – he’ll take care of the matter for you.


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Traffic law includes all regulations and laws that affect the transport of people and goods on public roads. It applies to drivers of motor vehicles as well as to pedestrians and cyclists.

And since everything is regulated down to the smallest detail, traffic law is extremely complex and complicated. It is also composed of different areas of law.

You should therefore always contact a traffic attorney – because he is very familiar with the jungle of laws and will take care of your affairs for you in the best possible way.