In earlier days children used to play outside, even without the proper equipment, the kids used to play cricket, football with what they have, so they did not have any lifestyle issues. But nowadays kids go to school and come back home and they will eat and sit on the couch with some electronic gadgets. They are not burning their energy that leads to some sort of lifestyle issues like obesity, stress, etc. The kids need to play and they love to play, just engage and motivate them to play. Here are the top 5 best sports and games for your kids with great benefits.


Football is considered one of the best sports for the kids, and football is a sport that can easily be taught to the kids even at a lower age. It gives both physical and mental fitness to your kid which helps them in the future days. If there is enough training your kid can be a champion in football. The benefits of playing football are, it facilitates discipline, fairness, and teamwork. It promotes mental health, flexibility, muscle strength, weight control, and foot dexterity.


Every kid is crazy about the bicycle and they love to have one; so why not changing their favourite into sports. You can engage your kids in various forms of bicycling activities and also different kinds of bicycle are available in the market. The benefits of the bicycle are it promotes patience, self-esteem, discipline, coordination of reflexes, improves balance, strengthens cardiovascular functions, and controls the overweight. Also, your kid will learn about road safety and endurance.


Swimming is the other sports that will love by every kid, kids love to be in the water, play in water; so why not change it into a sport. Swimming is the best way to tackle the fear of water and height. It is a sport that will not be forgotten once the kid learned. Also, swimming develops your kid’s ability on a singular basis rather than competing with others. The benefits of swimming are it improves the lungs’ capacity and power of your child, increases muscle strength when practising different strokes, helps in weight control, and promotes overall physical & mental health.

Inline Skating

Skating has become more popular among the kids nowadays; this is a sport that mixed with fun and benefits. Even though it is a bit expensive your kid will not be bored by skating and today there are a lot of professionals who teach skating for kids. The Benefits of the skating are it increases muscle strength, develops patience, improve cardiovascular fitness, develops agility, and helps in body balance.

Walking and Running

These two may not sound like sports but it has very great benefits when followed regularly. It is also a cost-effective way, you do not spend money on this; just motivate your kids to engage in this. This walking and running can be performed in any place and your kids will love to run and walk. The benefits are, it creates bonding with the environment, new people, strengthen legs, lungs, cardiac muscles, promotes concentration, will power, reduces the risks of common cold, and helps in weight control. Visit here for more interesting information link these.